Lavu – The iPad POS

(Lavu) is the state of the art, iPad Point of Sale System.

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Lavu - Affordable Wireless Point of Sales System for iPad & iPhones

Lavu: An intelligent combination of cloud computing,wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface.

Now Lavu is available under the iSPRINT Packaged Solution (Point of Sales). Your business can claim up to 50% of the qualifying cost to implement Lavu (capped at S$2,000). Find out here on how we can help you implement POS Lavu!

LAVU incredibly easy to use

It takes minutes to train any employee to use the Lavu iPad POS. Lavu is built to maximize the potential of Apple touchscreen devices. With its intuitive interface, Lavu iPad POS will be the easiest system you will ever use. New restaurant owner will definetely love our iPad restaurant software.

How it Works

Lavu is Point of Sale software that takes full advantage of Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies.

With detailed reports, kitchen display, mobile ordering, and wireless printing all working in sync, Lavu is much more than an App; it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of your business.

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