Lavu Tutorials : How to manage your menu groups, categories, and items


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Menu Groups

Q1: How do i manage Menu Groups ?

A1: Go to “Add/ Edit Menu Groups”

To Add a New Menu Group, type in the new name for Menu group in the “Add New Group” box and press “Enter”.
To Edit a Menu Group name, click on “(rename)” beside the Menu Group name.
To Delete a Menu Group, click on “(delete)
To change the order of the Menu Groups, click on the arrows (Up or Down arrows) to rearrange.

Menu Categories

Menu Category Options

1. Reorder my Menu Categories within a Menu Group

2. “Order Manually”: How do I move a newer Menu Category to the top?
Click on “Category Details”, you will see a “Display Order : [number; default = 0]”
To move a category lower, input a bigger number. e.g. “0” will be at the top, above all the “1” and so on.
If Menu Categories have the same number, the earlier one will be above.

3. Explain the various options for “Category Details”
i. “Display in App“, default value = “Yes”. “No” will hide the whole menu category from Lavu.
ii. “Description“, Allow you to type description to assist your servers describe your Category.
iii. “Print“; default = “Yes”, “No” will cause the item not to be printed in Kitchen Orders (useful for Menu Items that are handled by the server. e.g. Cookies at the counter)
iv. “Apply Tax rate“, “Custom Tax rate“, “Tax included in prices“.  Tax related functions, used to override the default location settings.
v. “Super Group Id” . Set your category to a Super Group for reporting purpose. See Tutorial: Super Groups.
vi. You can also set images to your menu categories and menu items. See Tutorial: How to upload images.


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