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was reading the article:  “Cheap and quiet solution for a home-based ESX Server” [url]

gonna give my props to HP workstation xw4000; we have gotten 3 units.

  • 4GB ram
  • intel core 2 duo (6300 @ 1.8ghz)
  • 4 x sata drives
  • 1 x Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5755 Gigabit (onboard)
  • dual head nvidia quadro
  • Win XP Pro

ESXi 3.5 U2/ Openfiler v2.3 installs out of the box.  for a low cheap price of < S$600.

and it runs so quiet….

We have ESXi running on one of the machines, another one is running XP Pro (with VM Workstation, running a virtualised copy of Domain controller (win2k server). 3rd machine is a standby machine for a client’s project (part of support/ maintenance)

and coming soon, an external esxi + openfiler machine, to look up to the ESXi server as shared storage.

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