Facebook fan pages 101: Set Default View for Wall

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Do you have a Facebook fan page for your small business? or your product?

one of the most bizarre things that i see fan pages do (yes, even fan pages for major brands) is to set the “Default View for Wall” (see 2 in screenshot) to “Only Post by Page“. i think that completely defeats the purpose of facebook fan pages.

By setting “Only Post by Page”, all interaction by your fans, including valuable feedback…. gets censored. As a fan, i’m not gonna post something that doesn’t get displayed or doesn’t get read!

Explanation: Typically, there are 4 options for Wall Post. using MakanDeals as an example:

  1. MakanDeals + Others – All Posts
  2. Just MakanDeals – Post by Admins only
  3. Just Others – Post by Fans
  4. Spam – Post marked as Spam (manually or automatically by facebook)

Option 2: Makes your facebook fan page, a 1-way communication channel.

So if you are admin for any fan pages, do an analysis of what you want to do with your facebook fan page.


Steps to feature “All Posts” on your Facebook Fan Page

  1. Make sure, you are the admin for your fan page
  2. Click on Settings (see 1 in screenshot)
  3. Make sure “Default View for Wall” is set to “All Posts
  4. Get ready to clean up some spam!

MakanDeals.com fan page

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