Heckler Design: WindFall Stand Tall for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7″

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The Heckler Design: WindFall Stand Tall for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7″

Just arrived in Singapore! In Stock now!

Designed with high-volume checkouts and future payment technologies in mind, this special WindFall Stand is a several inches taller than our traditional model. It’s structure is derived from of 10-gauge steel – 29% thicker than our traditional WindFall models. The result is an incredibly stable, beautiful, and minimal point-of-sale.

All speakers, connectors, switches, microphones, and cameras remain accessible and functional. This means your iPad Air can take advantage of every great app you discover to enhance your business.

Install your WIndFall Stand Tall with the included PivotTack accessory to create an elegant installation that provides a secure pivot point for your stand and clean cord management and security for your Lightning cable. Pass the lightning cable through the integrated mouse hole found on the right-hand bracket to relieve cord strain.

Great with WindFall Cash Drawe

Great with WindFall Cash Drawer

Secured, Not Enclosed

Secured, Not Enclosed

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