Lavu Tutorials: How to use Seat Numbers and Course Number (Taking orders)

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Course and Seat number are useful for restaurant who want/ need to have a well-defined meal sequence.

Seat refers to the seat number of the guest on the table and is great when you want your wait staff to serve your guests directly without the need to ask “Who ordered the medium-rare sirloin steak with baked potate and garden salad sides?” Seat numbers can be any number from 1.

Course number are used typically to split the meal up into appetisers, main course, desserts. Lavu has a flexible system which you can adapt for your own use. Course number range from “1 to 9” (one touch) and you can add more (using the “More” button)

Enable Seat & Course icons via your Lavu admin, under “Advance Location Setting->Order Options (section)” see screenshot below:

You can locate your Seat & Order number icon via the “Order” screen (screenshots below shows on the iPad and mobile device iPod Touch/ iPhone.)


1 we love you too!

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