GoodYear Seafood Village (Zi Char)


GoodYear Seafood Village

GoodYear Seafood Village

Goodyear Seafood Village is local zi-char coffee-shop at Tampines Ave. It has 2 kitchens, one for seafood and cooked food, and another for Pontian-style Bak Kut Teh and a drink stall.

We have engaged Kidotech to understand our needs and to implement a F&B POS that runs on the cloud. Kidotech is the market leader in F&B iPad POS and have more than 150 customers ranging from cafes to full service restaurants.

POS Lavu was implemented with full wireless capabilities covering 2 shopfronts, using 2 cashier terminals. Together with up-to 10 mobile devices for wireless order taking. Goodyear is using the NGBN of 30Mbps Fiber Internet connection for fast and efficient internet connectivity. Being on the cloud means that our POS data is available real-time from anywhere in the world, and managing it remotely.

Accurate orders – Orders no longer need to depend on the handwriting of the wait staff. There is no need to write items meant for different kitchens and drink orders separately. Staff uses the iPad mini and all items are sent wirelessly to their respective printers.

Staff efficiency – Staffs no longer need to walk back to submit their handwritten orders manually to each kitchen, they do not need to manually compute the total bill when the customer asks for it. They can do “Print Check” when the customer asks for the bill, or just get the bill total from the mobile device, collecting payment directly from the customer. This reduces the walking to and from the kitchen and staff from move from table to the next for order takings. Productivity is improved by 25% to 30%.

Accurate billing – As all menu items have fixed pricing and add-ons are all priced accordingly. Pricing is consistent and accurate. Closing the cashier at the end of the day is made easier as staff do not need to total up the day’s takings.

Staff retention – Staff have less manual repetitive work to do and this improves their productivity and overall satisfaction levels.

With increase productivity, orders being more accurate and submitted quickly, GoodYear Coffee shop is able to increase the number of table turns, especially during the peak weekend periods, resulting in an increase in 10% in revenues. With staff productivity improving, the dependency on hiring more temporary staff has reduced and allow the company to focus on it’s aim to providing delicious, value for money meals to everyone.

Bak Kut Teh – Pontian Style


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  • Table-side Ordering using iPad Minis/ iPod Touch
  • Multiple Kitchen Printers
  • 2 Cashier Terminals