Lavu Tutorials – How to use Super Groups (Reports)

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What is Super Groups?

Under your Lavu Reports – Product Reports – Super Groups

Super Groups allow you to combine multiple menu categories, so that you can get a combined product reports.  Typical use  to create combined reports for logical menu groupings. e.g. Track all alcohol-based drink sales, or Total Food report.

 1. Start off by creating a new Super Group

Lavu account -> Menu -> Super Groups

Add a New Super group e.g. Food


2. Add your Menu categories to a Super Group

menu category details

Menu Category Details

Select Super Group Id

Click on the “Category Details” button
and Select your Super Group Id and press the “Apply” button

Repeat for All Menu Categories that you want to be included in that Super Group.

Remember to click on the “Save” button or you will not save the Category Details setting changes!


3. Check your Super Group reports

Under Lavu Account -> Reports -> Product Reports (Super Groups)

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