• POSLavu Customers: Plain Vanilla Bakery (Holland Village)


    The most intuitive, state of the art, iPad-based Wireless Point of Sales system can be found at these great businesses.

    Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Holland Village

    Cupcakes galore, too much choices. PV bakery is located at 2nd floor unit and if you have been there, you’ll realise how much magic Vanessa does with that limited amount of space. That’s also where POSLavu comes in, the iPad is mounted on a 2-arm stand and it can be collapsed; keeping it neat and sleek against the side cabinet.

    Visit them at http://www.plainvanillabakery.com/

  • The Wallee Kick & Pivot iPad stands are now available in Singapore


    The Wallee case for iPad 3 is a seamless, lightly-rubberised & precision moulded protective case that is compatible with a growing range of modular accessories, each of which connect to the case with a simple turn and click.

    Available in Black & White

    The Wallee case (White) for new iPad

    The Wallee (black) case for new iPad

    The Wallee case can be used with the following stands and mounting options:

    • Mount to the wall with the Wall Mount
    • Display it on your desk with the Kick or Pivot
    • Mount it in your car with the Headrest adapter.

    The Wallee wall mount

    The Wallee Kick stand

    The Wallee Headrest stand

    The Wallee Pivot stand

    Get in touch with us for The Wallee products in Singapore!

  • POSLavu Tutorial: How do i split/ un-split into separate checks?


    Split  an order into separate checks to allow customers who want to pay separately.

    POSLavu supports splitting into separate checks (equally in x checks), items splits (different checks that contain different menus from the order) as well as hybrid (separate items with some equally shared items)

    This tutorial will guide you on all 3 types of split checks. Ok. Let’s get to the easy stuff first.

    Splitting an order equally

    To do a quick equal-split, hold and slide on the “Split” button.

    A pop-up dialog box will ask you. “Number of Checks”

    e.g. to split into 3 checks. Enter “3″ and press “Go”.

    Done! Your order is now split into 3 equal checks.

    Split items into separate checks

    Turn on “Split” mode by pressing on the “Split” button, you will see that the split button turns to “yellow” (ON)

    Touch on the first item that you want to split into a new check and it will be automatically split into “Check 2″

    For additional items, touch on the item and a dialog box will popup with the options
    1. “Check 2″ (List of all additional checks, e.g. Check 3, Check 4)
    2. “Split Evenly” (Item will be split equally, depending
    3. “New Check” (Item will be split into a new check, increasing the number of checks by 1)


    Hybrid split

    Depending on the type of split that you want to perform, you can follow the steps for items and equal-split to achieve a hybrid split.

    Example 1:

    4 item-split check with 2 equal-split items.

    1. Start off by doing item splits (into 4 separate checks)
    2. For shared items, choose the “Split Evenly”

    Example 2:

    4 equal-split checks with separate items (into Check 2)

    1. Start off by doing a equal-split into 4. (Hold and Slide on Split button; then enter “4″ into “Number of Checks”
    2. For individual item. Click on it and select the check that you want to put it in (in our case, Click and choose “Check 2″)

    Un-Split Checks and Join merged orders

    The “Hold and Slide” Split button can also be used to “un-split” checks. E.g. Enter “1″ in the “Number of Checks” dialog box.

    This is also useful, to “un-split” merged orders. When you merge orders, the bill will be automatically be “split” into 2, to quickly make it a single check, enter “1″ in the “Number of Checks” box.


  • Windfall POS Stand: Your secure iPad stand for POSLavu


    Our shipment of Windfall iPad POS Stands have arrived in Singapore!

    Limited quantities are available.

    Selling at S$235.40. (inclusive of 7% GST)
    Our POSLavu customers do enjoy special pricing. Get in touch quick!
    Get yours today!

    Comes in 4 colours: Graphite, White, Red, Black.


    Your impressive shop deserves better than a clunky POS or chintzy iPad stand. WindFall’s elegant design exudes strength while it preserves the slim profile of the iPad. Mount your cash drawer and receipt printer out of sight for the ultimate point-of-sale experience.


    Kensington Security Slot

    Can’t drill holes in your countertop? No worries. WindFall features a forward-facing Kensington Security Slot. This means you can discreetly secure your WindFall to a table leg via a Kensington Security Cable – great for creating ad-hoc point-of-sale stations.

    Secure Yet Fully Functional

    WindFall keeps your iPad secure while keeping its cameras, speakers, cellular antenna, 30-pin port, audio jack, and screen lock button accessible. Only the volume rocker and screen-rotation-lock switch are inaccessible. Hint: you can quickly access those functions with a double-tap to the Home button.


    Installing WindFall

    See how to install WindFall in various ways.

    For use with your iPad 2 and the new iPad.

    Not convinced? Go read some reviews.


  • POSLavu : The iPad POS with iSPRINT


    POSLavu: Claim up to $2,000 of the qualifying costs

    POSLavu is one of the software listed under iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions). SMEs can claim up to 70% of the qualifying costs, capped at $2,000 for the purchase of the first packaged solution (listed) under each solution category.

    (This is subjected to fulfilling the SME eligibility criteria and the availability of funds).

    For details on the iSPRINT grant, visit http://www.ida.gov.sg/Collaboration-and-Initiatives/Initiatives/Store/iSPRINT-Packaged-Solutions.aspx

    POSLavu Silver Package (Basic)
    POSLavu Gold Package (typical)
    Note: Prices listed are subjected to 7% GST
    12 Month Hosting$660.00$1,332.00
    Consultancy / Setup / Configuration
    Network Consultation / Setup / Configurationfrom $100from $325
    Menu Consultation / Setup / Configuration (optional)from $100from $325
    Seating Consultation / Setup / Configurationfrom $75from $300
    Training (2 hours)from $200from $400
    12 Month Service Supportincludedenhanced support available
    Licensed for:
    iPhone / iPod Touch110
    iPad , iPodTouch, Cash Drawer, Printerfrom $1,300-
    Enterprise Wireless Router$300
    iPad (x2) , iPodTouch (x4), Cash Drawer, Printer (x2)-from $3,500
    Total: from $4,950 - $5,800from $9,500


    Want to learn more? Talk to us for more information and setup a demo session now.

    iSprint - support up to 70% of qualifying costs!

    “(POSLavu) the most amazing, state of the art point of sale system”.

    - Gordon Ramsay (Kitchen Nightmares)

  • POSLavu Tutorials : How to manage your menu groups, categories, and items



    [Menu Groups | Menu Categories | Menu Items]

    Menu Groups

    Q1: How do i manage Menu Groups ?

    A1: Go to “Add/ Edit Menu Groups”

    To Add a New Menu Group, type in the new name for Menu group in the “Add New Group” box and press “Enter”.
    To Edit a Menu Group name, click on “(rename)” beside the Menu Group name.
    To Delete a Menu Group, click on “(delete)
    To change the order of the Menu Groups, click on the arrows (Up or Down arrows) to rearrange.

    Menu Categories

    Menu Category Options

    1. Reorder my Menu Categories within a Menu Group

    2. “Order Manually”: How do I move a newer Menu Category to the top?
    Click on “Category Details”, you will see a “Display Order : [number; default = 0]”
    To move a category lower, input a bigger number. e.g. “0″ will be at the top, above all the “1″ and so on.
    If Menu Categories have the same number, the earlier one will be above.

    3. Explain the various options for “Category Details”
    i. “Display in App“, default value = “Yes”. “No” will hide the whole menu category from POSLavu.
    ii. “Description“, Allow you to type description to assist your servers describe your Category.
    iii. “Print“; default = “Yes”, “No” will cause the item not to be printed in Kitchen Orders (useful for Menu Items that are handled by the server. e.g. Cookies at the counter)
    iv. “Apply Tax rate“, “Custom Tax rate“, “Tax included in prices“.  Tax related functions, used to override the default location settings.
    v. “Super Group Id” . Set your category to a Super Group for reporting purpose. See Tutorial: Super Groups.
    vi. You can also set images to your menu categories and menu items. See Tutorial: How to upload images.


  • POSLavu Tutorials : How to upload an menu item image or category image?


    1. To upload image to Menu Category or Menu Item.

    Choose the Category or Menu item by click on the box (on the left) of Category Details or Details.

    A window will pop-up to allow you to select your file.

    Choose Category or Item to upload image.

    2. Click on “Choose File”

    To select your image on your pc/ mac, browse to your image file and click “Open”.
    Note: This will not work on the iPad.

    Select your image/ picture file

    Then select the image file using the drop-down selection list and click on Apply.

    Select your image using the drop-down list and click Apply to set the image


    3. Done!

    Do a “Reload Settings” on your POSLavu application, and look out for your new images for your menu categories and items.

  • POSLavu Tutorials – How to use Super Groups (Reports)


    What is Super Groups?

    Under your POSLavu Reports – Product Reports – Super Groups

    Super Groups allow you to combine multiple menu categories, so that you can get a combined product reports.  Typical use  to create combined reports for logical menu groupings. e.g. Track all alcohol-based drink sales, or Total Food report.

     1. Start off by creating a new Super Group

    POSLavu account -> Menu -> Super Groups

    Add a New Super group e.g. Food


    2. Add your Menu categories to a Super Group

    menu category details

    Menu Category Details

    Select Super Group Id

    Click on the “Category Details” button
    and Select your Super Group Id and press the “Apply” button

    Repeat for All Menu Categories that you want to be included in that Super Group.

    Remember to click on the “Save” button or you will not save the Category Details setting changes!


    3. Check your Super Group reports

    Under POSLavu Account -> Reports -> Product Reports (Super Groups)

  • Meraki Systems Manager


    IT management made easy.
    Track and access every device on your network. Perfect for BYOD (Bring your own device) networks.


  • What is Meraki? Cloud managed access points and network switches


    Meraki devices are now available in Singapore via Kidotech.

    Want to learn more? Talk to us for more information and setup a demo session.

    What is Cloud Networking?

    Cloud Networking provides centralized management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

    Meraki’s products are built from the ground up for cloud management, and come out of the box with centralized management, layer 7 device and application visibility, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much, much more. Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without training or proprietary command line interfaces.

    Meraki’s founders invented Cloud Networking while working as graduate students at M.I.T. Meraki now has a complete line of cloud networking products that power over 18,000 customer networks, including massive global deployments with tens of thousands of devices.

    Meraki’s Cloud Managed Access Points

    Introducing Meraki’s Dashboard

    How it works?

    Meraki product architecture. http://www.meraki.com/products/architecture/

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